Unwrap, or how not to go crazy while doing it! by Mario Maleš

So, let me ask you something. Do you like working on geometry unwrapping? Yeah, neither do I. It is not the worst job you can do in 3d, but it is definitively not the most interesting one either.

Do you have some awesome app or technique for unwrapping that you are enjoy using, or at least that can make unwrap process a little bit less painful? I’m not going to believe you if you tell me you are using 3dsmax built in modifier to unwrap geometry.

Up until recently, I’ve been using UVLayout. It is very powerful app, super light, and fast, although it looks like an adopted child of Windows 95 and DOS (check the image bellow). Yeah, it is ugly, but it does the job and it does it well. It is not intuitive, so if you decide to test it, you are going to need some kind of tutorial, in either written or in video format which is not that hard to find.

Headus UVLayout UI

Headus UVLayout UI

If you are spoiled by Apple aesthetics like I am, you would want something that does the job like UVlayout and looks great. Well, just recently I have decided to test a new app ( new for me at least ) that both looks and works great. It is called RizomUV.

I’ve been familiar with the existence of RizomUV for some time now, but I have finally decided to test it, and I absolutely love it. It works great, it looks great, it is fast, and it has ( Unofficial ) bridge plugin for 3dsmax with which you can transfer the model to RizomUV with just one click, and bring it back into the Max with the same speed. I guess something similar exists for UVLayout too, but it doesn’t matter now. :). It supports FBX format, and it has split view as you can see in the image bellow.

Great thing about RizomUV is that it is very intuitive unlike UVLayout. If you are at least a bit familiar with unwrapping, you will have no problem to start using it. Maybe you will need one or two short tutorials just to check more advanced stuff, but the moment you enter rizom, I guarantee, you will be able to cut and unwrap your geometry.

It has a fantastic feature called live unwrap. You make the cuts, and it unwraps while you do it, but I don’t advise you to enable this option with more complex models as it will be to slow. For models with low to moderate number of polygons, it works like a charm.

RizomUV UI

RizomUV UI

Now, I don’t want to trash UVLayout, since it worked for me so well, but it is time to switch to something more modern. If you feel the same, go ahead, download it, and try it, you wont regret it.

I’m not going to make a tutorial for the app since it is super easy, I just wanted to share a thought. If you know better technique or a better app for unwrapping feel free to leave it in the comment.

Here is the link for the 3dsmax Bridge. There are 2 versions, one paid, and one free. Free version works just fine. Enjoy