Freebie - Hello Albert you beautiful thing / by Mario Maleš

Hello 3d Artists, it’s me, Albert. ;)

For a project I’ve been working on recently, I had to model one of the Albert tables by Alberta, but since I liked the whole set so much, I’ve modeled all of them, and now I am sharing them with you so you can place them in your projects. Albert is beautiful and delicate, so be gentle and put him into the environment he deserves. ;)

In Zip file you will find two 3dsmax files, 2016 and 2018 version ( Corona 3 hotfix2 ), as well as 2 fbx files ( with and without chamfer ). Modifier stack is not collapsed, so you can control the chamfer modifier for wood and marble table top separately.

I hope you will enjoy these models and feel free to check the previous models I have posted.

Here is the download link.

More will follow soon, so stay tuned, until then, download it, merge it, render it, enjoy it