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On The Rocks

Welcome to my first project showcase post in which I will present you one of the houses I’ve designed.

Over the years, I accumulated decent amount of personal projects that are stuck somewhere between finished and “what should I do with the god damn environment” state, and since I can’t find time to make photorealistic presentation for each, I’ve decided to give them to you in their raw state. They’ve been collecting digital dust for quite some time now, and that practice has come to an end.

First project I am going to show you Is called “On the Rocks”. Now, before you start making assumptions, no, it is not alcohol related. It is a concept house, supported by a large rock, located somewhere in the mountains, wherever large boulders can be found 😊.

The idea behind this project was to create an elegant scifi-ish structure supported but harsh looking natural formation such as rocks, and by following this concept, house “on the rocks” was born, with the void instead of a ground floor, forming a large covered area that is partially used as a cover for car(s), so worry not car lovers I got you covered  (pun intended).

Simple Linear layout was taken from the “BLEK” house which you can check out on this link.

Anyway, since I’m much better designer than writer, I’m going to stop here and let you check the house. Maybe someday I’ll finish the environment and this house will be visualized properly. Until then, I’ll have a piece of mind knowing that it is finally online for other people to see it.

Tutorial on how to create rocks you see in these images will follow soon, so stay tuned.

And last but not the least, few shots of the stairs specially designed for this project.