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Freebie - Chief Stools by Martha Sturdy

Martha Sturdy Stools

New Freebies are here, and they are awesome “Chief” Stools designed by Martha Sturdy. Although the geometry of the stools are quite simple ( cube and cylinder ), the texture makes them absolutely amazing.

I have extracted the textures from the images of the stools I’ve obtained on the internet, so they are not sharp, and therefore not suitable for closeup renders, but, if you decide to do it anyway, I won’t mind. :) 

You can check how the cylinder version looks in render here. It’s a concept interior I made for my new lamp design, which you can also check.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, here is the link to the stools. In Zip file you will find two 3dsmax files, 2016 and 2018 version ( Corona 3 hotfix2 ) and of course textures.

Download them, merge them, render them, enjoy them, and if you come up with some cool interior shots with these models, feel free to send me the link in the comments, I would like to see it.


Until next freebie, cheers